Fully Responsive Layouts
For Any Environment

Supported on any device.

We use a system of progressive enhancement and fluid grid layouts to make sure your site looks good on any screen.

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Bring Rich Interactive
Content To Your Site

Custom Coding in PHP and Javascript.

We use powerful web frameworks plus a dash of custom coding to add rich interactive features to your site.

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Dynamic Features Mesh To
Create A Single Interactive Experience

Powerful APIs bring together all aspects of your web presence.

We can connect your site to any API or build a custom data connection to ensure your site always has the most recent data.

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What We Do

Apps for Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile Devices

We design all of our websites to be responsive with mobile devices in mind but sometimes you need more - an actual app with your brand on it in the app store; we can help you do that. Our developers can write apps for all the major platforms and help you move your company into the mobile marketplace.

  • Android (v2.2 to present)
  • iOS (v1 to present)
  • Windows 8 & 8.1 apps

Brand Identity, Color Palettes, and Vector Logos

We take good design seriously; the first exposure that customers have to your web site needs to communicate a clear professional message. Our graphic designer focuses on creating carefully chosen color palettes to reinforce your branding. Whether you are looking to update your branding or creating a new logo, we are experienced with the latest software. We can create vector based content for branding that can be scaled to any size, for both digital and print outputs.

Custom CMS, Blogs, and Ecommerce Sites

We are familiar with all major modern CMS platforms such as Wordpress, Drupal, and Joomla - but sometimes our clients have needs that don't fit into a convient 'off-the-shelf' mold. For those cases, we are happy to build out custom content management systems, blogs, inventory management systems, email marketing tools, IDX tools, and ecommerce platforms to suit our client's unique needs. We can help you select the right payment processor, the right SSL certificate providers, and the right administrative system to match YOUR vision of what your site should be.

Fully Managed Hosting in a Shared Environment

While hosting with us is not a requirement for our web design and development services, we do offer the superior quality of fully managed web hosting in a shared environment to all our clients. Whether you need something as simple as a domain added or something as complicated as setting up a load balanced cluster or programs installed, our highly trained system administrators will take care of you. We feel that you should focus on your business growth and let us take care of every and all server needs.

Scripting in Javascript, PHP, Perl, Python and More.

We are fluent in all modern web scripting languages and are just as comfortable writing our own custom code as we are modifiying existing plugins, addons, and apps. We specialize in solving difficult coding problems that other developers won't touch.

  • XML & XSLT
  • Javascript DOM & JSON
  • AJAX (javascript + php)
  • jQuery (javascript framework)
  • CGI Scripting in Perl & Python
  • PHP & MySQL databases
  • IDX & RETS databases

Web, Mobile, and Stand-Alone Unity 3D Development

We have recently started developing apps and games with the Unity 3D engine. We can use this powerful platform to create an interactive game experience to embed in a website, distribute as a desktop application, or sell in one or more of the mobile app stores. We can include micro-payment transactions and real-time tracking, plus in-app ratings systems to allow for user-feedback. The Unity 3D platform allows us to rapidly develop across multiple platforms at once, allowing for rapid deployment in multiple venues.

We are now an authorized reseller of SSL Certificates!

We have recently become an authorized partner of GlobalSign SSL Certificates. This allows us to offer their exceptional products, including Domain, Organizational, and Extended SSL Certificates to our clients as part of our full-service package. We like GlobalSign so much, we use them for our own website's SSL Certificate (Hello GlobalSign CEOV1508309396). While we haven't yet had a chance to add the official seal to our site, rest assured we will be posting full details soon!


How We Work


We consult with you to discover your specific needs and to create a project timeline.


We design the branding and responsive layout that you want for both mobile and desktop.


We develop the unique custom scripts & functionality that your site needs to make it stand out..


We fill in all the details to make sure your site is polished, SEO-friendly, and professional.


We deploy your new website, either to your own server or to our own fully managed servers.

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Our Clients

  • Logo for Mancinos
  • Logo for Tylers Top Choice Lawn Care
  • Logo for Worden Company
  • Logo for Wickenburg Air
  • Logo for Curb Vault
  • Logo for Shoreline Container
  • Logo for Amplifier Spirits
  • Logo for WEIRD RPG
  • Logo for DECO Technologies, Inc.
  • Logo for Michigan Street Optical
  • Logo for ICORE
  • Logo for Lyon Exteriors
  • Logo for Eyeglass Universe
  • Logo for Hoplite Games
  • Logo for Kens Auto Repair Plus, LLC
  • Logo for Garage and Dealer
  • Logo for Star Cleaning Grand Rapids
  • Logo for 2K Tool
  • Logo for Lakeshore Corvette Club
  • Logo for InsurSmart
  • Logo for IDX Developer
  • Logo for B-Rad Productions
  • Logo for KaSt Fashion
  • Logo for Community of Christ - Thornapple